1945: Black Rhodesian Rail Workers Strike

Black workers on the Rhodesian Rail way (Zimbabwe and Zambia) struck against unfair working conditions and company racism.

The voice from below: Zambian workers speak out

A 1997 article in which Sakhela Buhlungu and Lucien van der Walt talk with Zambian workers about the country's economic liberalisation and its effects on their conditions and militancy.

Zambian miners kill supervisor in dispute over pay

Miners have killed a supervisor and seriously injured another during a dispute over pay at the Collum mine in Zambia.

500 Zambian miners fired after violence during strike

The workers walked out on Monday in protest at low pay and dangerous working conditions in the chinese-owned Chambishi mine.

Zambia: Mine workers wildcat strike

First Quantum’s Kansanshi mine, Zambia

Workers at the First Quantum Kansanshi copper mine have been refusing to work since Wednesday when they noticed that an agreed pay rise had not been properly implemented.

Choongo, Wilstar 1964-1999


A short biography of key Zambian anarchist organiser and librarian Wilstar Choongo.