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Online archive of Workers’ Playtime, a more-or-less regular class struggle-oriented journal produced between Feb ’83 and May ’85.

The Playtime omnibus: A miscellany for young people

All the articles compiled in the Workers Playtime's 'The Playtime Omnibus: A miscellany for young people' in PDF format.

Printers Playtime

Workers Playtime is a defunct workerist journal that last came out in May 1985, just after the end of the miners' strike. This pamphlet is a collection of Playtime articles. Together, they trace the changing character of the class struggle in the UK printing industry. It ends with a short piece about Wapping, and extracts from the unofficial strike bulletin Picket.

Nasty, brutal and small - Workers Playtime

An article published in the Playtime Omnibus on the possibility of workers' unity in small firms and the actions of atomised militants. Originally written between 1983 and 1985.

Nuclear power is great for business - Workers Playtime

A short article by Workers Playtime advocating class war as a means to eradicate nuclear weapons.

Hammer and Tongs - Workers Playtime

An article by Workers Playtime arguing for independent action on behalf of workers by detailing a personal account of the 1981 Crossword strike at the Scott Lithgow shipyard, Clydeside and the shop stewards committee's breaking of it.

People's crawl for jobs - Workers Playtime

An article by Workers Playtime on an unemployment march in the mid eighties.

On the death of Colin Roach and “community policing”, 1983 - Workers Playtime

An article by Workers Playtime on the death of Colin Roach in 1983 and the inability/ unwillingness of the police, politicians and community leaders to render justice.

The welfare state isn’t now, and never was, a “genuine gain for the working class”.

Otto von Bismarck, great proletarian creator of the Welfare State

In the 1880s Bismarck's social insurance programs - old age pensions, accident insurance, medical care and unemployment insurance - were the first in the world and became the model for other countries and the basis of the modern welfare state. His aim was to undermine the appeal of the Socialists as well as the networks of working class solidarity, and to recuperate and pacify social contestation.

Workers? Autonomy? - Workers Playtime

Article by Workers Playtime arguing against the capitalist need to impose ever higher workrate and hours on the working class.