Man as machine


As mainstream discourse again shifts towards a discussion of automation, @Aut_Omnia examines its mechanics, human cost and utopian potential.

Work is the new religion - Federico Campagna

Article on the rise of work music typified by the new Britney Spears single.

Meaningful work: an appeal to the young

An article about meaning in choosing employment.

Capital can't be reasoned with - the importance of affective politics

Students block police from intervening in a demonstration

When we limit ourselves to reasoned critique we cut ourselves off from the everyday experiences of life under capitalism from which any revolutionary rupture must grow.

Palestinian workers in Israel: a reserve army of labour - Emmanuel Farjoun

In-depth study of the conditions of Palestinian workers in Israel and their function in the Israeli economy.

Zionism, demography and women's work - Avishai Ehrlich

A Marxist analysis on the role of women workers in Israeli society, showing how zionist colonisation affected the inequality of women who were used as a reserve source of labour whenever a shortage in the workforce threatened to hamper zionist goals.

Work isn't working - Matt Bolton

Article on the debt economy, and the demand for a social wage when work doesn't pay.

On the path to a service economy made In post-China™ - Ashok Kumar and Alex Gawenda

Article on the diminishing growth both in the East and the West and the running out of spatial fixes.

Living in America will drive you insane - Bruce E. Levine

Psychologist Bruce Levine examines the increasing epidemic of mental illness and how much work is to blame.

On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs - David Graeber

David Graeber traces the 20th century promise of a 4 hour day and how we got unproductive labour instead.