Images from the 'Wisconsin uprising'

To mark the 4th Anniversary of the protests that emerged in Wisconsin in response to an austerity bill pushed by the Governor to break public sector unions, I've uploaded most of my pictures from my time there in Spring of 2011.

Palermo's workers strike

striking workers picketing in front of the Palermo's factory

The people who make our frozen pizzas are on strike.

Why M1GS?: lessons from Wisconsin

A piece from a union staffer in Wisconsin who saw the movement go from the potential of a general strike to just a recall, and how we should remember this in Occupy's efforts for a May 1st general strike.

The general strike that didn't happen: a report on the activity of the IWW in Wisconsin

This is a report written by two IWW organizers from out of state on the activities of the union during the height of the protests in Madison and Wisconsin. The version is slightly modified from a text sent to the 2011 Delegate Convention and reflects the opinion of the authors.

More on Madison - Insurgent Notes

The following letter synthesizes two e-mails from a comrade, AS, about some disagreements with Loren Goldner’s article on Madison in IN No. 3

Wisconsin: What now?

An update on what's happened in Wisconsin since early April.

2011 Wisconsin protests

The occupied capitol building in Madison

Pictures from the protests in response response to the Wisconsin Governor's proposed bill that would eliminate collective bargaining for public sector employees, among other things.

Early Spring for the Badger

Early Spring for the Badger is a collection of anonymously written notes on the Wisconsin February – March 2011 Struggle against Austerity Measures. Contained is a collection of communiques and actions, reflections on the struggle, critique concerning the themes of democracy, race, policing, madness, and violence, and propositions for a revolutionary strategy within the global anti-austerity struggle.

On, Wisconsin - Paul Mattick Jr.

In the aftermath of the recent struggle in Wisconsin, Paul Mattick Jr. analyses the historical background to the rise and the current curtailing of the unions in the US and the attacks on the working and living conditions that are happening alongside this.

The Power of Working Class Solidarity

Pamphlet by the Madison IWW branch. Intended as a follow-up to Kill the Bill:The Power of a General Strike.