Wildcat (UK)

Class War on the Home Front (PDFs)

Guy Aldred

Class War on the Home Front, a history of the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, in printable PDF format.

Good old-fashioned trade unionism - Wildcat

Wildcat argue that unions have sabotaged working class struggle since their inception.

The new bad guys - Wildcat (UK)

A critical look at the various theories surrounding the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which claimed 168 lives and left over 800 injured. While we disagree with some of the article we reproduce here for reference.

New world order: rhetoric and reality - Wildcat (UK)

Wildcat's analysis of the post-Cold War "New World Order."

From Wildcat #18, Summer 1996.

Darkness at midnight: Review of Midnight Oil - Work, Energy, War, 1973-1992 by Midnight Notes

Kuwaiti oil fields burn

A review of an anthology of articles by the US autonomist Marxist-influenced Midnight Notes collective and the earlier Zerowork group.

Poll Tax Rebellion by Danny Burns - reviewed by Wildcat (UK), 1993.

Poll tax riot

Wildcat (UK)'s review of Poll Tax Rebellion by Danny Burns.

A prole's guide to the recession: economics with the truth - Wildcat (UK)

A guide to the language of economics and recession as it relates to workers, as opposed to abstract mystifying jargon.

Unmasking the Zapatistas - Wildcat (UK)

Zapatistas masked

A critical analysis of the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico and "an alternative to the almost universal uncritical laudation which Marcos and co. have received."

From Wildcat #18, Summer 1996.

Hegel on acid - A response to 'Marxists and the so-called problem of imperialism'

A reply to a Wildcat (UK) discussion document of the late 1980s. This article makes some interesting observations on the subject, and avoids both a simple leftist anti-imperialist view or an ultra-leftist dismissal of the significance of imperialism.

Outside and Against the Unions - Long Treason pamphlet