Wildcat (UK)

Wildcat UK #18 Summer 1996

18th and final issue of Wildcat.

Wildcat UK #15 Autumn 1991

15th issue of Wildcat.

1789 And All That - A Critical Look At The French Revolution

Wildcat (UK) on the French Revolution.

Wildcat UK #14 Summer 1990

14th issue of Wildcat.

Wildcat UK #13 Summer 1989

13th issue of Wildcat.

Wildcat UK #12 Autumn 1988

12th issue of Wildcat.

Wildcat UK #11 Spring 1988

11th issue of Wildcat.

Wildcat journal (UK)

Partial online archive of the magazine of the UK communist group Wildcat, published in the 1980s and 1990s.

SWP: The party of god - Wildcat

leaflet front page

Leaflet produced by Wildcat in 1988 concerning the First Gulf War (that is, Iran versus Iraq). It compares the position of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK with that of Hezbollah. Not unreasonable, given that the SWP supported the Iranian regime at the time!

Capitalism and its revolutionary destruction - Wildcat

Wildcat's "manifesto", their attempt to explain their world view in one short pamphlet. Published in the mid-1980s.