Wildcat (Germany)

Dead end: about the coup in Egypt

Article by the Wildcat collective on the background and current developments of class struggle in Egypt after the military coup in summer 2013 with additional focus on the situation of migrant workers in the Gulf states.

Fascists in Greece: From the streets into parliament and back

Article by the Wildcat collective from Germany on class relations behind collaboration between fascists and Greek state.

Automobiles: struggles and class divisions - Wildcat (Germany)

Mercedes plant in south africa

This is the translation of an article about recent struggles and class divisions in the global automobile industry by collective 'wildcat' from Germany. It was published in Wildcat no.95, Winter 2013/14.

The workers’ inquiry: what’s the point?

Joe Thorne looks at the history of the “workers’ inquiry” idea: from Marx, to Italy in the 1960s, to the present day. This fairly long article touches on debates amongst those influenced by operaismo about how we should relate to the modern workplace.

Umschlagspunkte: Thesis on 'new proletariat' and re-concentration

This is the translation of an article about the changes in global transport, it was published in Wildcat no. 94, Spring 2013.

Slovenia: The end of transition - Wildcat (Germany)

Austerity protest in Slovenia

This is the translation of an article about the austerity protests in Slovenia, it was published in Wildcat no. 94, Spring 2013.

Is capitalism a market society?

German libertarian communist group Wildcat examine if capitalism is really a market society.

No interest but the interest of breathing

Book review David Graeber: The First 5,000 Years
advance publication of Wildcat no. 93, Summer 2012

Flight from the land and food riots

Excellent article by Wildcat Germany analysing the food crisis and the global agricultural industry under capitalism.

Movement in Spain - ... And all of a sudden everything became real

German libertarian communist group Wildcat's contemporary analysis of the 15M Spanish protest movement of summer 2011. With a particular look at struggles against austerity in Murcia.