Scottish Water workers vote on industrial action

Scottish Water workers are being balloted on industrial action after the employer imposed a below inflation pay rise which had not been agreed.

Belfast anti-water charges picket forces recruitment cancellation

Campaigners claimed their protest today a victory after it was announced that Echo Managed Services, the company responsible for recovering unpaid water charges had cancelled its much publicised open recruitment day.

1993-1996: The Dublin fight against water charges

A short history of the successful direct action campaign of non-payment which prevented the imposition of charges for water in Dublin, Ireland.

Hydro-jihad: water conflict and the class struggle - Melancholic Troglodytes

The Iraq War underlined the significance of three main commodities in the Middle East, namely: labour power, oil and water. This text investigates the role of water in relation to the class struggle.

Water torture - Privatisation leaves us high and dry

Brighton news sheet Schnews takes an irreverent look at the privatisation of water supplies in the UK, which since 1988 has lead to huge price hikes for users and bumper profits for corporations – a situation being repeated the world over.

UK: Water meters may be forced on millions

This summer may be Britain's worst drought for thirty years, and hose-pipe bans and standpipes are already being discussed.

1989-2001 UK water privatisation