Wapping dispute

Wildcat UK #9 1986

Wildcat #9 July 1986.

Taken from Splits and Fusions archive.

Direct Action #41 (July-August 1987)

Issue #41 of Direct Action, with articles on the Coleman strike in Manchester, a conference of strike support groups, a strike over compulsory overtime at HFW Plastics in Gateshead, the racism of the British state, riots in Leeds, media coverage of cervical cancer, a defeat for the NF in Thurrock, the CNT struggle in Puerto Real, international news, the collapse of a joint union pay campaign in the civil service, sackings at Salford Plastics, the prosecution of two Leicester unionists involved in the Wapping dispute, Jewish anarchism in the East End, the Mujeres Libres, sectarianism in Northern Ireland, an interview with the French CNT, and more.

Direct Action #37 (March 1987)

Issue #37 of Direct Action, with articles on the need for cross-sectional solidarity to win strikes, the lessons of Wapping, disputes at Ardbride/Laura Ashley and a Hackney sweatshop, the defeat of the Silentnight strike, strip searches of Northern Irish women prisoners, a court case over abortion rights, a debate on co-ops, the proposed poll tax, news from Italy, Brazil, Bolivia and the Netherlands, the COSATU organising the unemployed in South Africa, strikes at Wheelers fish restaurant in Brighton, the Trader print group, and a Caterpillar occupation, racism on the dole, life under the Australian Labour Party and more.

Direct Action #36 (January-February 1987)

Issue #36 of Direct Action, with articles on Wapping, the J E Hangars and Silentnight disputes, attacks on workplace compensation rights, the Sunday Sport, Reagan and Iran-Contra, legal cases in the US and UK about "foetal rights", the revolt in France, US meatpackers forming an independent union after the defeat at Hormel, Spain, the BBC and DHSS, co-ops, prison revolts, the need for rank-and-file groups outside Labour/TUC control, Poland five years after martial law, a special supplement on education for liberation in South Africa, and more.

Direct Action #32B (September 1986)

The "official" issue #32 of Direct Action, with articles on Labour and the TUC, Northern Ireland, the Silentnight dispute, workplace hazards, a successful strike at Bellhouse Hartwell, disputes at A1 Feeds and Nove Leather, an interview with a Wapping striker and critique of the printers' union SOGAT leadership, the defeat of striking cleaners at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, eviction resistance at a Paddington hostel, May Day around the world, political manipulation of a Chilean union, repression against a Japanese anarchist, South Africa, benefit cuts, an apology for the previous issue's pro-CGT contents, and more.

Direct Action #30 (April 1986)

Issue #30 of Direct Action, with articles on nuclear waste, the Protestant general strike in Northern Ireland, the Silentnight dispute, union officials sabotaging disputes, the new budget announcement, a DAM member being sacked by Michelin in Ballymena, syndicalism and war, a review of "Come and wet this truncheon" by Dave Douglass, "Red Wedge" and Labour, the latest news on the benefits system, international news from Nicaragua, Iran Australia, Uruguay, South Africa and the US, James Connolly, James Larkin and the Easter Rising of 1916, a report from the AFA conference where Class War were suspended, DAM activity, the lead-up to the Wapping dispute, a May Day poster and more.

Direct Action #29 (March 1986)

Issue #29 of Direct Action, with articles on the Wapping, French Connection and Silentnight disputes, health and safety at work, privatisation at British Leyland, the push to turn workers into "self-employed" contractors, syndicalism and control, a review of a pamphlet about women's health in the workplace, a controversy over "natural childbirth" methods, resistance to the Fowler Review benefit cuts, international news from the Philippines and the French CNT, France '68, a special extra supplement on the Laings lock-out dispute in the construction industry, and more.

Direct Action #28 (February 1986)

Issue #28 of Direct Action, with articles on the start of the Wapping dispute and the need for real solidarity across the union movement, the electricians' union EEPTU putting out promotional materials with endorsements from managers and Norman Tebbit, Britain's low wages, the Westland Affair, syndicalism and class, reviews of books on Bolivia and Peru, benefit cuts, a unionist on hunger strike in Grenada, international news from South Africa, Turkey, France, Spain and Latin Ameria, the French CGT and WWI, an appeal to support Chilean anarcho-syndicalists, the Silentnight dispute and more.

Liberation #03 (Feb 1987)

Issue #3 of Liberation, with articles on class war, a scab running someone over at Wapping, trials after the Broadwater Farm riots, a restaurant workers' dispute, a strike wave and revolts in France, religion, Bloody Sunday, updates on the CNT struggle at Vitoria in Spain, the Silentnight dispute, lesbians and gays jailed for a protest against a homophobic councillor, women's liberation and more.

Liberation #02 (c1986)

Issue #2 of Liberation, with articles on Wapping, Prince Andrew's wedding, police infiltration, Spain 1936, military intervention in Libya, international news from France, Chile and Spain, BBC radio cuts, attacks on travelling communities, and more.