Walter Rodney

The Lessons of Angola - Walter Rodney, 1976

Walter Rodney

Walter Rodney criticises the support given to UNITA (backed by the CIA, apartheid South Africa, and Maoist China) in Angola by many leftists in the US. Rodney supported the MPLA, who had support from Cuba. This speech was given just over a year before a factional split in the then victorious MPLA led to the massacre of up to 25,000 mostly black working class MPLA supporters, however the arguments against UNITA support remain historically relevant.

Walter Rodney and the Question of Power

A talk by CLR James' given six months after the assassination of Walter Rodney, with introduction by the Race Today Collective.

Walter Rodney - Eusi Kwayana

Walter Rodney

Eusi Kwayana's political and biographical sketch of Walter Rodney, dealing with the period 1975-1980 in Guyana. As well as details about Rodney's activity in Guyana before his assassination, it details the complex relationship between some of the political formations in Guyana, the official trade unions, and self-organised struggles of Bauxite and sugar cane workers.

Street Speech - Walter Rodney

A street speech in Guyana by Walter Rodney arguing against racial antagonism and explaining its role in the functioning of capitalism. Note: It is important to understand that the following comments were made specifically in the context of the Guyanese situation.

Aspects of the International Class Struggle in Africa, the Caribbean and America - Walter Rodney

Walter Rodney.

Written in 1974 for the sixth Pan-African congress, this essay analyses the class struggle in Africa and its relation to the newly independent countries since the fifth congress in 1945. Rodney is intensely critical of the nationalism of 'African petty-bourgeiosie ruling class' while also drawing attention to the internationalist, class content of aspects of the anti-colonial struggles.

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

First published in 1972 this book argues that African underdevelopment is consequent to colonialism. Anarchist writers have been critical of the support given to the Tanzanian state in the preface.

Yard Roots Vol. 1, No. 1 (April-May 1981)

The Vol. 1, No. 1 (April-May 1981) issue of Yard Roots, a radical, anarchistically inclined political, cultural and health oriented newsletter produced out of Oakland during the 1980s.