Walter Benjamin

Critical Theory and Society: A Reader

Collection of writings from people associated with the University of Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, or the Frankfurt School

Eduard Fuchs: Collector and Historian - Walter Benjamin

Eduard Fuchs portrait

Benjamin's 1937 article on the Marxist scholar and art collector Eduard Fuchs (1870–1940), hailed as 'pioneer of a materialist consideration of art'.

The Destructive Character - Walter Benjamin

Text published originally in the Frankfurter Zeitung at 20th November 1931.

Walter Benjamin - Radical Chains

I'm told you raised your hand against yourself / Anticipating the butcher / After eight years in exile, observing the rise of the enemy / Then at last, brought up against an impassable barrier / You passed, they say, a passable one.
From Radical Chains no.2

The life of students - Walter Benjamin

Benjamin makes an intelligent and eloquent case against the poverty of student life under capitalism in this early essay, written more than fifty years before the Situationists would tackle the same subject. He argues against the intellectual frigidity and alienation of the university as a factory of future workers, and for a genuine “community of learning.” Wider social issues that affect the university environment such as student activism, gender, and sexuality are also dealt with.