Venezuela: A look at fake news and our own arrogance

Fake news about Venezuela is a lesson wrapped in a lesson of why we are not in a position to decide the fates of other countries.

A Desperate Venezuela Today

A statement from the FAU (Uruguayan Anarchist Federation) on the current situation in Venezuela. First published at Revolt Against Plenty.

Humanitarian Aid... for War

War or no war, one thing is certain, and that is the bourgeoisie — Chavista or oppositionist — cannot take society anywhere. There is no viable solution based on the nation and certainly not a capitalist one.

The Venezuelan Crisis

Recent political events in Venezuela have once again brought to the fore its devastating economic situation. The struggle for power between Maduro and Guaidò, or between a fraudulently re-elected president and an opposition candidate who has proclaimed himself president, besides giving Venezuela a grotesque image, hides the real scenario of an economic and political human tragedy.

Against All Capitalist Factions! For Proletarian Independence!

Neither Maduro nor Guaidó have anything to offer the working-class in the face of this turmoil.

Ni venezuela popolo nomas per anarkiistoj en Latinameriko kaj de la Mondo: Solidareco estas multe pli ol skribita versio

Teksto skribis per Venezulaj Anarkiistoj en Majo 2017, pri la politika situacio en Venezuelo.

Neither Chavismo Nor Anti-Chavismo: For the Autonomous Struggle of the Working Class

Contrary to the cries of the Venezuelan government and its hypocritical Opposition, Venezuela remains, as before, a state-capitalist economy based on the extraction of oil rents.

Popular Power and Socialism in the 21st Century - The modern clothes of Social Democracy

The famous “Socialism of the 21st century” is nothing else than the Popular Front of the 20th century. The old Social-Democratic soup is served again at the table of the proletariat in order to encourage it to fight against “the right”, “neo-liberalism”, “imperialism”, “the fascists”, “Yankees” or whoever would be politically indicated as the new enemy at the next social forum, counter-forum or cultural meeting. And so try to prevent a complete confrontation with our class enemy: the world bourgeoisie, here or elsewhere, left or right, which always represents Capital.

Venezuela: Crisis, protests, inter-bourgeois political struggle and threat of imperialist war

– Venezuela is in crisis because capitalism is in crisis; or rather, the world capitalist crisis is expressed in Venezuela in a plain, raw and scandalously visible shape, not only at the economic level, but also at the political, social, ideological and probably at the geopolitical-military levels here and now as well as in the future.

The myth of the left is ripe to collapse (*)

The social and economic situation of Venezuela, after 14 years of Chavez government and more than a year of Maduro government, could not yield more than the results we are seeing today. It is necessary then to make a historical review to contextualize the present explosion of social unrest.