United Democratic Front

The Apartheid Wars: Non-Accountability and Freedom for Perpetrators

Kenneth Good looks at the failure of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.

Isizwe (journal of the United Democratic Front)


Isizwe (The Nation) was the journal published by the United Democratic Front to stimulate discussion and debate on topics including workerism, capitalism, nationalization, trade unionism and the democratic processes involved in the organisation of people's power.

Thinking freedom: achieving the impossible collectively

Michael Neocosmos

An interview with Michael Neocosmos first published by the Transnational Institute.

Trust in the Capacities of the People, Distrust in Elites

Trust in the Capacities of the People, Distrust in Elites

This book by Kenneth Good, published in 2014, argues for popular democratic control of society.

The UDF Period and its Meaning for Contemporary South Africa

United Democratic Front poster

A reflection on the United Democratic Front (UDF) twenty years after its formation, based on three books published on the UDF.

Legacies and meanings of the United Democratic Front (UDF) period for contemporary South Africa

United Democratic Front

This essay by Raymond Suttner, former UDF militant and political prisoner, examines the politics of the UDF.

Towards a People's Democracy: The UDF View

United Democratic Front

This is the text of a speech given by UDF militant Murphy Morobe in 1987.

The capacities of the people versus a predominant, militarist, ethno-nationalist elite: democratisation in South Africa c. 1973 - 1997

United Democratic Front

From the early 1970s until the end of apartheid there was a major popular democratic surge in South Africa.

From people's politics to state politics: aspects of national liberation in South Africa 1984-1994


This article, written in 1994, the first year of the 'new South Africa', examines the shift from popular people's politics to state politics during the transition from apartheid.