Matrosenko, Anton Dmitrievich (1888-1921)

photo of Makhno by Yampolsky

A short biography of Anton Matrosenko, anarchist communist and active in Makhnovist cultural activities

Kalashnikov, Alexander Filippovich (1890s-1921)

Makhnovists - 1920

A short biographer of Alexander Kalashnikov, anarchist communist and Makhnovist commander

Marchenko (Shevchenko), Alexei Ivanovich (1892-1921)

Alexei Marchenko

A short biography of the Makhnovist commander Alexei Marchenko

Mikhail Bukin: Letter to the Bolsheviks

Anarchy (Russian anarchist paper) Sept 29th 1919

A short account of the anarchist Mikhail Bukin and the letter he wrote to the Bolsheviks

Vasilevsky, (Tchaikovsky) Grigori Semyonovich (1892/3-1921)

Grigori Vasilevsky

A short biography of Makhnovist Grigori Vasilevsky

“Destroy the Makhno movement” - The Bolsheviks’ secret war against Nestor Makhno and his insurgents - Volodymyr Horak

Makhno & comrades - 1920

How the Bolshevik state intelligence services tried to destroy the Makhnovist movement - and the resistance they met.

A Communist Left Critique of Platformism (Part I): The Makhnovshchina

Many over the years have pointed out the apparent similarities between Platformism and the Communist Left, and indeed some comrades whom today we count among our ranks first came to the politics of the Communist Left through Platformism. But while the need for revolutionaries to come together, in an organisation united around a common platform, is something both tendencies acknowledge, the differences go a bit further than whether one stands beneath a red or black banner. We often get asked what is our attitude towards Platformism and the following is a two-part attempt to grapple with the question.

Kharkov, Ukraine: On The First Grassroots Response To American-Backed Land Grabbing!

Protest in Kharkov, Ukraine

«Olkhovka is not an industrial zone», «Land is Ukrainian popular property», «Save Lavrova gully», «Defend environment»
See also a video report.

Nemeritsky, Boris Grigorievich (1902- 1937)

Nemeritsky, second from right, Lidia to his left

A short biography of Boris Nemeritsky, active in the anarchist underground

Piven, Dimitri (1885-1970)

Butyrka Prison, Moscow, 1890s

A short biography of anarchist communist Dimitri Piven, who shared a prison cell with Makhno.