UK riots

No whites allowed after 8pm? Behind the media circus of Birmingham’s ‘no-go’ areas

On 17 August, numerous national newspapers and news websites, published a story about “racist graffiti” directed towards white people in Saltley, a majority Pakistani area of inner-city Birmingham. The piece, originally published by the local Birmingham press, goes on to claim that this corroborates a broad trend of “white working class Brummies” fearing parts of the city had become “no-go areas” for them.

A rising tide lifts all boats: crisis era struggles in Britain

Endnotes on the 2011 UK riots and struggles against austerity.

1981 and 2011: from social democratic to neoliberal rioting - Paul Gilroy

Very little historical analysis has focused directly on the wave of urban rioting that spread across Britain in 1981 and its complex effects on the country’s political life. A comforting narrative filled up the space in which a more sustained analysis might have taken shape.

I depict a riot - Jonathan Jones

A look at how previous riots in London have been depicted through art.

"It was 30 years ago, but I felt the same way the rioters did" - Tony Evans

Speech given by Tony Evans, football editor for the Times, about the lack of discourse during the riots and how journalists and media were culpable.

The feral underclass hits the streets: On the English riots and other ordeals

Greek left communists Blaumachen on the 2011 August riots in the UK.

Anatomy of a riot - radio interview with Bristol Radical History Group

Looting in Birmingham during the August 2011 'riots'

In August 2011, riots erupted in the UK following the police killing of a black man in North London. Four days of looting and battles with the authorities ensued.

Detest and survive: Self-deregulation and asset reallocation in the UK, August 2011

German libertarian communists Wildcat on the rioting which swept the UK in August 2011.

A 2012 New Year Resolution: against the politics of abstraction and charity, for the real movement in our interests!

A critical - if somewhat rough - evaluation of the events of 2011 and the anti-cuts movement's relevance to them. The ideas here are ones which I've been mulling for a while, but I've found difficult to articulate, so please be fair in your responses!

Intakes: Communities, commodities and class in the August 2011 riots

An article from Aufheben's Intakes series providing detailed analysis of the August 2011 UK riots.