On Strike at Stop & Shop: Interview from the Picket Line

An interview with a striking Stop & Shop worker, originallly published by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Borders workers need union... but which one?

An article about a UFCW campaign at Borders Books. Originally appeared in Industrial Worker #1607 (December 1997)

Industrial Worker #1692 (February 2007)

The February 2007 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

A tale of two trainings

A dual card member briefly compares the training programs of the UFCW and IWW.

Wither the NLRB?

A blog exploring what appears to be a turn away from NLRB elections by the mainstream unions in America.  Why is this happening and what does it tell us about the state of working class self-organisation in the States?

The 'Black Friday' Wal-Mart strikes: an analysis

Friday the 23rd of November will see Wal-Mart, which owns UK chain ASDA and which has an entirely non-union workforce, hit with coordinated strikes and protests on “Black Friday”, the busiest shopping day of the year.

This article, written by a American-born SolFedder who's worked retail in the past, seeks to explore the strikes: their roots and their implications for the American working class. This is written in lieu, I should add, of a proposed North London SolFed solidarity picket on the day. It didn't happen. I blame PAMSU wink

"A Strike By Any Other Name"

Natasha Moss-Dedrick analyses the huge, five months strike of 70,000 California grocery workers in 2004 and the role the union played in their defeat.

Why Did the Los Angeles Supermarket Strike End in Defeat? - Letter to Red and Black Notes

The following letter from Internationalism, the US section of the International Communist current, is a comment on an article published in the last issue of R&BN on the failure of the 2003-2004 LA supermarket strikes.

2003-2004: Los Angeles supermarket strike

The history of a huge five-month strike and lockout of 70,000 supermarket workers in California, which ended in defeat.