UCU vote to suspend strike action


On Tuesday the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) held a special conference to determine where we go next in our pensions dispute. For those who haven't been following the intricacies of it all I'll attempt to briefly lay out where we were going into this meeting and what happened there.

Voices of the Manchester strike

Thousands marched through the streets of Manchester today in support of public sector strikes called against proposed pension reforms and in opposition to the government’s austerity drive. Trade unionists in the city took part in industrial action involving hundreds of thousands of workers nationwide.

J30: It's on

Steve Ryan on the upcoming day of co-ordinated strike action by public sector trade unions, due to take place on the 30th of June.

"Hardcore troublemaker" anarchist group laughs off Millbank blame game

Solidarity Federation, which helped organise the Radical Workers' and Students Bloc at the NUS/UCU education march derides "absurd and patronising" attempts to blame it for damage at Tory HQ - and calls for increasing direct action against cuts.

The students are revolting - report on the occupation of Millbank Tower

Photo by Henry Langston

A report on the demonstration and attack on the Tory headquarters by students and education workers against cuts by the Anarchist Federation.

Manchester College staff strike back

Staff at Manchester College struck today over the imposition of new contracts, which include cuts to pay and holiday entitlements.

Manchester College cuts off contact with UCU as staff vote for strike action

Principal of The Manchester College (TMC) Peter Tavernor has severed ties with the University and College Union (UCU), following its sucessful ballot for strike action over the imposition of new contracts.

Why did we risk it all? Because we won't go down without a fight.

In August and September 2009, about 250 members of teaching staff at Tower Hamlets College went on strike over compulsory redundancies and cuts to course provision. Catalyst spoke to one of the strikers, Rachel, in the aftermath of the strike, about the up and downs of the battle against the bosses.

An account of unofficial action at Tower Hamlets College

A short account by a participant of a staff rebellion in 2009 against an enforced training session, which helped build workers' collective confidence prior to a big strike.

Tower Hamlets College strikers interview

The Commune interviews two participants in the September 2009 ESOL teachers strike in East London against job cuts.