Accused, by Jimmy McGovern, BBC1

These tightly-wound fables describing inadmissible and extenuating circumstances around fictional crimes muddle moral and legal judgmentalism

This Is England ’86, by Shane Meadows

Two heavily-hyped British media events – this TV series and the film ‘Made in Dagenham’ – link economics and social reproduction with sharply contrasting uses of nostalgia.

The Street, series 3, by Jimmy McGovern, BBC 1

The final series of The Street demonstrates the possibilities and limitations of its form – both of which may now disappear from television drama

Old public guidance clips

A host of old public servic announcements detailing everything from the Do & Don'ts of Dating, Going Steady, and how to avoid being a drop-out.
EduKaTe yur Branes!1!!1!!

Islam and Science

BBC Four's 3-part series 'Islam & Science' starts tonight, and presenter, physicist Jim Al-Khalili, begins by discussing 'the language of science'.

Top ten TV shows of 2008

The Wire's Omar Little

Continuing our series of year-end reviews, Libcom presents our pick of the best television programmes broadcast in the UK in 2008.

Art - reading guide's guide to further reading around the subject of art, film, music and literature.

The Street, by Jimmy McGovern, BBC 1, November-December 2007. Television review

Review of The Street, series 2 - the latest TV drama from Jimmy McGovern .

It’s A Free World ..., dir. Ken Loach, Channel 4, September 24th 2007. Television review

Tom Jennings’ review of Ken Loach’s latest slice of social realism