News from everywhere, August 1987

News from everywhere cover

We believe the first issue of News from Everywhere, containing a timeline of news events relevant to autonomous working class struggle January-July 1987.

Timeline of UK schoolchildren's strikes

Schoolchildren on strike in 1985. Photo by Dave Sinclair

A chronology of school pupil walkouts which I have been able to discover in the UK from the 19th century to today.

The calendar riots

Calendar riots cover

Scanned version of a great spiral-bound calendar filled with anniversaries of uprisings, strikes, rebellions against work and other events in working class and radical history around the world.

A timeline of US women's labour history, 1824-2009

An interesting selective timeline of women's and women's labour and union struggles in the US.

Towards a futurology of the present - Marco Cuevas-Hewitt

Marco Cuevas-Hewitt outlines an emerging practice amongst radical writers; one entailing an attentiveness to intimations of alternative futures arising in the present. This "futurology of the present", as he calls it, represents a significant break with the hackneyed jeremiads and manifestos of earlier political generations, which limit themselves either to a simple negation of the present or to the authoritarian prescription of an idealised future. Delving into questions around the role of artists and writers in social movements and wider society, Cuevas-Hewitt's goal is a re-imagining of radical politics and a re-tooling of radical writerly practice.

Chronology: The Pre-War Korean Anarchist Movement (2)

Second of a two part chronology published in the Japanese journal Libero International. Part 1 was published in issue no. 1.

Chronology: The Pre-War Korean Anarchist Movement

First of a two part chronology published in the Japanese journal Libero International. Part 2 was published in issue no. 2.

Armed struggle in Italy, 1976-1978

Aldo Moro's body, left by the Red Brigades in the back of a car in Rome.

Full text of a booklet containing a chronology of and documents on the armed struggle during the decline of the mass social movements in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s.

Brazilian Anarchist Chronology 1823-1937

Timeline of anarchist history in Brazil.

Straight Outta Luton

Luton Town Hall before and after the Peace Day riot

A potted timeline of radical history of Luton and the surrounding areas produced for the Free the Spirit festival organised by the Exodus Collective in September 2000. An exhibition based on it was displayed as part of the South London stage at the festival, which was held on land next to the M1 Motorway in Bedfordshire. It was distributed as a leaflet and published on the Practical History website.