Third International

Interventions by the KAPD at the 3rd Congress of the Communist International, 1921

Interventions by delegates of the left communist KAPD (Communist Workers Party of Germany) at the Congress of the Third International.

Speech At The Third Congress Of The Communist International — Max Hempel (Jan Appel)

Jan Appel's speech to the 1921 Congress of the Third International under the pseudonym Max Hempel.

Critical review of the ABC of communism - Mouvement Communiste

Mouvement Communiste critically review the politics of the ABC of communism, by Nikolai Bukharin and Evgenii Preobrazhensky of the Third International. In PDF format.

KAPD Report from Moscow

Report from the Congress of the Third International in Moscow by Otto Rühle of the Communist Workers Party of Germany (KAPD).

Third International - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading around the Comintern, or Third International.

Moscow And Us - Otto Rühle

Brief notes on the Russian revolution, the third International and their relationship with the German proletariat by council communist Otto Ruhle.

The KAPD’s report on the third congress of the Communist International

Report presented at the meeting of the KAPD Central Committee on July 31, 1921, by a KAPD delegate to the Third Congress of the Third International.

The Communist Left and the resolutions of the second congress of the Communist International - Henriette Roland-Holst

Opening of 2nd Congress of the CI

Dutch communist Roland-Holst argues against using the objective and subjective conditions of the Russian Revolution as a model for revolution in the Western countries.

Resolution of the conference of the Abstentionist Communist Fraction of the Italian Socialist Party


1920 text showing how the left wing of the Italian Socialist Party initially held anti-parliamentarist positions, prior to the Second Congress of the Communist International.

Towards a Communist party - Sylvia Pankhurst

Sylvia Pankhurst discusses the problems of regroupment facing British left groups, and the proposals to affiliate to the Communist International.