Ricky Tomlinson - imprisoned building union organiser

Born into a working class family in Liverpool in 1939, Ricky Tomlinson was an active building union member and served time in prison for his part in the 1972 strike.

Grampian foods workers on strike tomorrow

Grampian logo

The T&G union has confirmed that around 1,000 workers at Grampian foods will be on strike tomorrow around the country.

Grampian foods workers to strike

Workers at several Grampian foods processing plants will go on strike on Tuesday in a row over pay.

Bus drivers to strike in Norwich

Striking bus worker

Bus drivers and bosses were today locked in last-ditch talks to avert a one-day strike which could cost the city up to £1m in lost revenue.

Guernsey: Airport staff win union recognition with wildcat strike

Grounded: Flybe aircraft at Guernsey airport

Over 30 security workers with Group 4 Securicor stopped work on Tuesday and blocked Guernsey airport's departure lounge until bosses signed a recognition agreement with the T&G.

Union call off BA strike action

A planned three-day strike by thousands of British Airways cabin crew has been called off by the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G).

1978-1979: Winter of discontent

Strikers in the Winter of Discontent.

A short history of the of the widespread strike movement that occurred during the winter of 1978-1979 in Britain. The 'Winter of Discontent' marked the largest stoppage of labour since the 1926 General Strike.

The couriers are revolting! The Despatch Industry Workers Union, 1989-1992

Couriers in London

An excellent and inspiring pamphlet about London's Despatch Industry Workers Union (DIWU). A radical, self-organised and direct action-oriented grouping, it lasted three years, and here the author recounts its history and analyses its successes, failures and lessons for other workers.