Tea Party

Armed struggles metaphors and a right-wing structure of feeling

Mad Tea Party

Article on political metaphors and imagery

The new Integralist Conservatism: a briefing

Jon Gaynor provides an introduction to the right-wing current of thought which encompasses groups like the EDL, anti-Muslim bloggers and authors, and populist political parties.

The Tea Party: How the right is using them, and what the left can learn

Tea Party members rally

The American conservative movement known as the Tea Party has caused quite a stir since its first protests against government bailouts in 2009. They have held hundreds of rallies across the country, attracting massive attendances while garnering the scorn and admiration of all the major news networks. While some have labelled them as dangerous extremists, others have celebrated their populism.

Tea parties and the white working class

A document forming the beginning of a discussion about the nature of the US "Tea Party" movement and its makeup.