Tax justice, austerity and class struggle

The recent furore surrounding Starbucks has once again pushed the issue of tax dodging and its relation to austerity into the limelight. But it has also brought into sharp focus the problem with calls to “pay your tax” being divorced from questions of class struggle.

PCS blinks first in dispute with HM Revenue & Customs

Yesterday, the Public and Commercial Services union announced that strike action due to be taken by HM Revenue & Customs workers on Monday had been suspended. This supposedly followed "significant progress" in negotiations with the employer. The reality is quite different, in a campaign that has been mismanaged (at best) for coming on two years.

Beating the poll tax - Anarchist Communist Federation

Beating the Poll Tax - AF pamphlet - 1990

Beating the Poll Tax was a widely distributed booklet that encouraged and analysed the rise of mass revolt against the Community Charge in 1989/90 as it was happening.

Occupy Equitalia


Equitalia is a state-owned tax collection agency. Created in 2007, it was meant to replace all the private companies previously in charge of the task.

GE returns billions to public... Not

USA Today and the Associated Press fall for a prank article by activist group US Uncut, causing General Electric stock to plummet billions.

Lebanon set for June general strike

Unions are to launch a general strike in Lebanon on June 17 against regressive taxes by the government.

Tea parties and the white working class

A document forming the beginning of a discussion about the nature of the US "Tea Party" movement and its makeup.

Protests in south-east China force repeal of new tax law

Protesters in Jiangxi province blocked the highway and overturned police cars

The Chinese state news service, Xinhua, reported on the 16th of June that violent protests in the south-east province of Jiangxi had forced authorities to repeal a new tax law.

1989-1990: Opposition to the Poll Tax

A short account of the agitation against the introduction of the community charge in Britain. Widespread protests and a highly successful campaign of non-payment eventually forced the government to scrap the poll tax and played a large part in the eventual downfall of Margaret Thatcher.

Accounts of the poll tax riot, 1990

An interesting series of personal recollections of individuals participation and experiences of the poll tax riot in London's Trafalgar Square in 1990, which marked the beginning of the end of the Thatcher government.