1995: Tahitians Campaign to Stop French Nuclear Testing

The resumption of nuclear weapons tests in Polynesia by France the mid nineties provoked anger in Tahiti. Tahitians organised a determined campaign against the tests.

Australia to re-open Pacific island prisons for asylum seekers

The Australian government has passed legislation, known as the ‘Pacific solution’, that will see asylum seekers transferred to offshore prisons on remote Pacific islands….Sorry, I meant, ‘immigration processing centres’.

General Strike in Tahiti

On 15th June workers in ‘French’ Polynesia ended a general strike, which was sustained for over a week. The strike was organised by a coalition of 11 unions using the name ‘Collective for Peace’. With deteriorating social and economic conditions in the already poor territory affecting a wide range of workers, the strike gained support and achieved some degree of success but fell short of its potential.

Tahiti: Strikes underway with more to come

Employees at Tikiphone, the polynesian mobile phone provider went on indefinite strike last Tuesday.