France: Solidarity strike for arrested teacher

Do their job - Sarkozy

French teaching unions have called for a one-day strike this Friday in parisian primary schools in support of an arrested teacher.

Cyril Ferez out of coma

News just in, postal worker Cyril Ferez, seriously injured by police during a protest on 18th March is out of a coma.

5 April: CPE protests updates

Latest news from the anti-CPE struggle from across France from Wednesday 5 April including blockades of businesses and roads.

Latest on Cyril Ferez

Cyril Ferez was injured by police on Saturday 18th of March at a demonstration against CPE in Paris. He remains in a coma.

Cyril Ferez still comatose

Cyril and CRS riot police

Liberation is reporting that Cyril Ferez, the postal worker injured in the Place de la Nation in Paris on the demonstration of March 18th, remains in a coma.

Strike of 28th March: Update

On Monday evening, along with the mainstream English language media, we incorrectly reported that unions had announced a General Strike for the 28th of March.

New evidence emerges on injured demonstrator Cyril Ferez

New photos have emerged of Police dragging the injured demonstrator Cyril Ferez, who now lies in a coma, around 50 minutes before being found unconscious in the Place de la Nation.

Video of injured demonstrator as new information emerges

Video footage now released shows trade unionist Cyril Ferez lying injured before being helped by journalists and fellow demonstrators.

Union: Police refused to call first aid

Cyril Ferez before being trampled by CRS

Press release from the trade union Sud-PTT about the police's actions towards an anti-CPE postal worker they put in a coma.

39 year-old trade unionist in a coma

A trade unionist of the South-Postal and Telecommunications Authorities trade union (Sud-PTT), a 39 year old, was left in a coma following clashes with police.