Correspondence: Anarcho-Primitivism

Correspondence on primitivsm. Green Anarchist reply to letters in Subversion #22. Steve from Hastings replies to them.

From 1997.

The Dead End of 'Charter' Politics

Subversion on "People's Charter for Social Justice", launched originally by the Merseyside Port Shop Stewards Committee.

Trade Unions and the Capitalist Left - Subversion

In this reply to a regular correspondent, we explain in greater detail two of the points in our statement of "What We Stand For" - our attitude towards trade unions, and our opposition to the political organisations of capitalism's Left Wing.

- From Subversion #23.

Subversion reviews of Collectivities publications

Subversion reviews of "A Ballad Against Work" and "Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy".

Who Can Afford To Pay The Cost of a Communist Utopia?

Some comments on Subversion 21, especially 'Green Communism', the piece on Getting a Job and P's letter on the JSA.

A letter to Subversion, with reponse from them.

Useful Work and Useless Toil

An exchange on the refusal of work from Subversion #23

Replies to 'Pious Liberalism'

The following are two independent replies to 'A Reply to Two Comrades from Nottingham'. Both are written in a personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of Nottingham Campaign Against the Job Seekers Allowance (recently renamed Nottingham Claimants Action). The first, "Doling It Out", is by one of the Two Comrades, the second, "State Power and Class Solidarity", is by two members of the Anarchist Communist Federation.

Against Pious Moral Liberalism in the Class Struggle

A response to the article 'Only Doing Your Job?' on campaigns against the Job Seekers Allowance, which appeared in issue 22 of Subversion.

The debate (which is picked up in subsequent articles in this issue) is especially concerned with the role of workers in benefits offices.

Correspondence: Subversion #21

Discussons on resistance the Job Seekers Allowance, and a member of Class War's views on nationalism.

The Poor, the Bad and the Angry: Our Antipolitics

The following article was written by the publishers of the magazine, The Poor, The Bad and The Angry. we ripped it off for Subversion becasue it develops at gretare length some of the points we express in our own set of basic principles - What We Stand For (See Subversion 18).