Stan Weir

Foundry Foreman, Foundrymen - A Singlejack Little Book by Lloyd Zimpel (1980)

Lloyd Zimpel's 1980 booklet 'Foundry Foreman, Foundrymen' published as a Singlejack Little Book by Stan Weir. Contains two stores: "Sand" and "Ovenman."

Longshoring on the San Francisco Waterfont - Reg Theriault (1978)

Reg Theriault's classic Singlejack Little Book, "Longshoring on the San Francisco Waterfront" (1978).

Waterfront Supercargo - A Singlejack Little Book by Tom Murray

Tom Murray's little book 'Waterfront Supercargo,' published by Singlejack Books in 1980.

Night Shift in a Pickle Factory - A Singlejack Little Book by Steve Turner

Steve Turner's little book about his experiences working in a pickle factory.

The Grievance - Martin Glaberman

Martin Glaberman's chapbook 'The Grievance'. This was published as a 'little book' on Stan Weir's Singlejack press in 1980.

Steelmill Blues - A Singlejack Little Book by Steve Turner (1978)

Steve Packard's small booklet "Steelmill Blues," one of the first "little books" published by Singlejack Books, in 1978. Part of an effort by Stan Weir and others to popularize workers' writings. Packard reflects on his time at US Steel in Indiana.

Stan Weir - Letter on Singlejack Books

A letter sent by Stan Weir along with his shipment of assorted records to the Tamiment Library at NYU. In it is he gives a brief synposis of the "kafkaesque" difficulties he encountered trying to run Singlejack Books. He summarized: "Half the contents of this box reveal how the US gov't can make it impossible for a small publishing effort to survive."

Reviews: “Singlejack Solidarity” teaches valuable lessons for the working class

Patrick McGuire's review of Stan Weir's book, Singlejack Solidarity.

A Leninist vanguard party dying in a foreign land: 1956: the fading revolution

Part of an apparently unfinished work on the "vanguard party" experience, Stan Weir writes about a weekend with Max Shachtman, as the Hungarian Revolution was happening.