The Crowbar #21 May 24th 1983

21st issue of Brixton based squatting newsletter Crowbar.

Contents include: Save 121 Centre campaign, letters on voting and Copenhagen, Barrier Block and Lougborough Park evictions, international news, squatting in Amsterdam, "Squatting in Lambeth" film. Albany Prison riot.

The Crowbar #11 Dec 18th 1982

11th issue of Brixton based squatting newsletter Crowbar.

Contents include: Crowbar respondes to expose in the Daily Telegraph, a pissed off tenant from the Loughborough Estate writes about collectivising repairs, squatters pirate radio listings, police raids on Railton Road, Norwich squatters try to start Co-Op, Gipsy Hill squatters resist demolitions, internationa news, death of squatter John McCaig, Wakefield cops raid Freedom Press in search of communique from Angry Brigade Resistance Movement, Tory Councillor receives "voodoo gift", letter: police techniques, changes to social security / benefits system, squatters pirate radio busted, Crass squat the Rainbow in Finsbury Park.

The Crowbar #9 Nov 20th 1982

9th issue of Brixton based squatting newsletter Crowbar.

Contents include: Fall of right wing Lambeth councillors, Railton Road rioters bailed, Heath Road evictions delayed, letter from Paris squatters, Police updates, spoof interview with Lambeth Council leader "Red" Ted Knight, international news, Barrier Block evictions.

The Crowbar #8 Nov 6th 1982

8th issue of Brixton based squatting newsletter Crowbar.

Contents include, evictions on Railton Road, squatters picket Lambeth Town Hall, letter: Is Crowbar biased?, two nights of rioting in Tottenham, aftermath of Amsterdam squatter riots, cops claim Brixton riots started by 3 white anarchists, Barrier Block updates - Coldharbour Lane, Gateshead cops investigate "School Stoppers Textbook".

From Beneath The Keyboard - a collection of stories

An anthology of anarchist and squatting fiction and poetry of variable quality. Published by Hooligan Press in 1987.

Autognome newsletter

Partial online archive of Autognome, a London anarchist/squatters freesheet. At least six issues were published in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Autognome was a provocative rag, the halfblood child of some of the rowdy London end of the free festival-oriented Free Information Network, with refugees from Brixton squatters mag Crowbar, based around publishing dates of upcoming radical events, news of demos and campaigns, and potshots at the left, the right and pretty much everyone…

- Past Tense

Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries: Survival, Revolt and Queer Antagonist Struggle

A collection of speeches, interviews and writings from the Stonewall veterans Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Edited and introduced by Ehn Nothing, published by Untorelli Press.

Do Or Die #8 1999

8th issue of Do Or Die published in 1999. 345 pages. Full contents below.

"Do or Die—riding the space hopper of self-delusion through the garbage heap of despair since 1992"

PDF from the Do Or Die archive.

The State's Revenge – Arnim Stauth

September 1981: Lummer enters a cleared house on Bülowstrasse

Article on the revenge prosecution of squatters by the West German state in the 1980s.

Originally published in Die Tageszeitung (4 January 1985).

New Life In An Old Factory - Corliss Anderson and Eddie Roberts


Overview of the squatted Kerngehäuse in Berlin, a former factory which hosted a number of collectives when occupied.

Originally appeared in Bar Fax.