Spies For Peace

Danger! Official Secret: the Spies for Peace: Discretion and Disclosure in the Committee of 100 - Sam Carroll

Article by Sam Carroll, published in 'History Workshop Journal', Volume 69, Issue 1, Spring 2010.

Anarchy #029: The Spies For Peace Story

Issue of Anarchy magazine from July 1963. This issue is a detailed account of the Spies for Peace, and their discovery of secret government shelters.

Resistance shall grow - Solidarity

Resistance shall grow (1963)

Pamphlet about the 'Spies for Peace' co-published by Solidarity (UK), the ILP, the Syndicalist Workers Federation and the London Federation of Anarchists. For Solidarity this was pamphlet 14. A PDF file of the original pamphlet is attached.

Peace meal - George Williamson

This journal contains a handful of articles reflecting on and analysing the state of the Peace Movement in Scotland in the mid-1960s.