"I am not a man or a woman, I am a transexual" - Jamrat Mason speaks at Hackney Pride, 2010

Transcript of a speech given at Hackney Pride 2010. Transman and anarchist communist Jamrat Mason discusses gender, sexuality and sexism and the wider relevance of transgender issues in society. One paragraph that was omitted from the actual speech for reasons of length is included below in square brackets.

The policy of abstention - William Morris

A speech given by William Morris in 1887 arguing for abstention from participation in the Parliamentary process and arguing for libertarian socialism.

How shall we live then? William Morris

How shall we live then? is the text of the speech given by William Morris in 1889 about life under socialism.

Organising at Fiat, 1969

Fiat workers strike in the hot autumn of 1969

The speech of a worker from the Fiat Mirafiori plant outlining workers' organising efforts and lessons they had learned in the militant struggles running up to the hot autumn of 1969.

Guide to giving speeches and presentations

Tips and advice of public speaking, making speeches and giving presentations effectively.

Lucy Parson's speech to the IWW in 1905

Lucy Parsons.

Revolutionary answer to the Negro Problem in the USA - CLR James

A speech by CLR James at a Socialist Workers Party (US) conference in 1948.