Barcelona ABC Communiqué

Article from Black Flag #216 1999.

Ensinger, Doris (1944-2020)

Doris with Luis

A short biography of German anarchist Doris Ensinger.

The Durruti column – Carl Einstein

The Durruti Column

A posthumous address on Buenaventura Durruti by German anarcho-syndicalist volunteer in the Durruti Column, Carl Einstein. It was broadcasted by the CNT-FAI radio station in Barcelona shortly after Durruti’s death in November 1936, and later published by the Official Propaganda Services of the CNT-FAI in the pamphlet Buenaventura Durruti.

Squatting in Barcelona - Black Flag

Article from Black Flag #214 1998.

To Libertarians - Guy Debord/International Friends

A text on solidarity with libertarian prisoners in Spain, written by Guy Debord and circulated under the name "International Friends". This translation taken from Not Bored!, PDF version found at

Collectives in the Spanish Revolution - by Gaston Leval (2018 Updated & Improved Edition)

A new, updated, and improved edition of a classic of anarcho-syndicalist economics -- a detailed eyewitness and analysis of the successes and struggles of a libertarian socialist economy

آگوستین گویامیون: سنگر ها در بارسلونا: کنفدراسیون ملی کار از پیروزی ماه ژوئیه سال 1936 تا شکست ناگزیر ماه می سال 1937

تاکید برفراگیری تجربه خودکارگران در عرصه مبارزه طبقاتی، نقش و عملکرد دولت سرمایه داری در نظام سرمایه در شرایط عادی و بحرانی، درک بورژوایی مارکسیست ها از فاشیسم و همکاری آن ها با دولتهای بورژوایی علیه فاشیسم و تقویت نهاد دولت علیه طبقه کارگر

The 1918 flu pandemic in the CNT media

The notorious flu epidemic of 1918 – known as the ‘Spanish’ flu epidemic – was first reported among US troops bound for the First World War trenches. Given the enormous mobility of troops at the time, the disease was largely free to spread to fresh population centres and so it claimed the lives of 50 million people worldwide. Spreading like wildfire. A powerful example of the destructive power of a pandemic.

An infantile disorder? Youth, childhood, and the British anarchist movement during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

An article by Morris Brodie examining the attitudes of the British anarchist movement toward youth and childhood during the Spanish Civil War.

Too young to fight: Anarchist youth groups and the Spanish Second Republic

An essay by Jordi Getman-Eraso on the anarchist youth groups in Spain approaching the civil war .