South Korea

TV Series Review: ‘SQUID GAME’

Review of a dystopian survival drama.

Korea Opportunities: Class And Democracy in South Korea

Article from Subversion #21, 1997.

Summary of the Shinmin Prefecture

A short historical summary of the forgotten Korean project known as Shinmin Prefecture and Korean People's Association in Manchuria. This was a self-governing region of around two million people from 1929 to 1931.

Gwangju Diary: Beyond Death, Beyond the Darkness of the Age – Lee Jae-eui

Gwangju demonstrators around the fountain

2017 PDF edition of the seminal Gwangju Diary, written by Lee Jae-eui, and originally published in 1985, with an eyewitness day-to-day account of the Gwangju uprising of 1980.

지방선거 보궐선거에 대한 <아나키스트 연대>의 관점

2020년 3월 29일 아나키스트 연대 발간

Ang Anarkistang Koreano ng Rebolusyonaryong Shinmin

Ang isang maikling kasaysayan ng Rebolusyonaryong Shinmin, ang anarkistang prefecture pinamamahalaan ng mga anarkistang Koreano,

Migrant and immigrant labor

A chapter detailing South Korea's transition into a subempire that has transformed other Asians into a transnationalized labor force for South Korean capital.

Yanggongju as an allegory of the nation: Images of working-class women in popular and radical texts

Hyun Sook Kim's essay examining representations of working-class South Korean sex workers for U.S. military in popular and radical texts, both of which fix the identities of the women as "bad"/"good" and treat the female body as a metaphorical map of the Korean nation.

Published in Dangerous Women: Gender and Korean Nationalism (2012).

Anarchism and culture in colonial Korea: "Minjung" revolution, mutual aid, and the appeal of nature

Sunyoung Park's research into anarchism's influence in South Korea during the period of Japanese occupation.