Socialist Party of America

May Day in Ft. Leavenworth: Socialist, IWW, & Anarchist Prisoners Celebrate (1919)

An article from the Liberator newspaper, describing how socialist, anarchist and IWW prisoners celebrated May Day at Fort Leavenworth in 1919. This article was made available online by We Never Forget, and the full issue of the newspaper can be found at the Marxists Internet Archive.

In November we remember: the centennial of the 1912 Little Falls textile strike – Brendan Maslauskas Dunn

Little Falls textile strikers in front of the strike headquarters (Slovak Hall)

An overview of the Little Falls textile strike of 1912. First published as follows in November 2012 in the Industrial Worker (issue 1750, vol. 109, no. 9).

Karl Marx: The Man and his Work (1918) Karl Dannenburg

Karl Marx: The Man and his Work (1918)

Part of the series of biographies of Karl Marx.
Karl Dannenburg was a member of the Socialist Labor Party but had joined the Socialist Party of America by 1919.

Socialism and the Negro Problem: W.E.B. Du bois

W.E.B. Du Bois published this article as a public criticism of attitude and strategy of the Socialist Party of America, accusing it of compromising on racism to appeal to white workers.

Socialist Party of America History and Geography

Key maps: votes, membership, newspapers, and elected officials

Courtesy Mapping American Social Movements Project, University of Washington. Find an interactive version at
Here are two dozen maps and charts exploring the geography of Socialist Party activity.

The SPA: Dashed on the Rocks of Compromise

Socialist Party of America Presidential Candidates - Debs, Thomas, Hoopes

Other than in our Socialist Party, way too much thought on revolutionary socialist organisation gets written advocating Lenin’s way as the one and only way and applying historic conditions under Russian feudalism to Western democracies today, and whose justification amounts to thinly veiled apologetics for ‘history is written by the victors’. The Socialist Party of America: A Complete History by Jack Ross, published last year, joins the comparatively smaller range of literature not from this vanguard perspective, and even opposed to it.

The New Solidarity (May 10, 1919)

The May 10, 1919, No. 26 issue of The New Solidarity, a newspaper produced out of Chicago by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from 1918-1920.

Volume 6 Issue 5 (Incomplete)

Vol. VI July, 1911 No. 5

The mask is off! - American Anarchist Federated Commune Soviets

A 1920 handbill by American Anarchist Federated Commune Soviets issued in the immediate aftermath of the January 7, 1920 expulsion of the five elected members of the Socialist Party of America from the New York Legislative Assembly. This action is declared to be evidence of the failure of socialist methods in the struggle to overthrow capitalism -- an action which has "torn off the mask of the hypocrisy of government representation."

"The Germans would court-martial me too": St. Paul's World War I socialist draft resisters - William R. Douglas

An article by William R. Douglas about the Socialist Party of America and their anti-consciption stance during World War I in St. Paul, Minnesota.