Socialist League

Revolt in a Norfolk seaside resort: anarchist-communism in Great Yarmouth

A short history of socialist and anarchist Yarmouth in the late 19th century.

Guillaume-Schack, Gertrud (1845-1903)

Gertrud Guillaume-Schack

A short biography of the "Anarchist Countess" Gertrud Guillaume-Schack, active in the Socialist League.

Parris, Touzeau, 1839-1907

A short biography of Touzeau Parris, secularist and anarchist, active in the Socialist league

Lahr, Johanna, 1867-1904

A short biography of Johanna Lahr, anarchist active in the Socialist League

Practical anarchists, we’: social revolutionaries in Dublin, 1885–7 - Fintan Lane

Article by Fintan Lane on the pocket of anarchism in Ireland in the 1880s.

Deakin, Joseph Thomas 1858-1937

Plaque on Deakin's house in Walsall

A short biography of Joe Deakin, anarchist ensnared in the Walsall bomb plot provocation

Leggatt, Edward (Ted) 1858-1946

Anarchist speakers - Ted Leggatt, top row, right.

A short biography of Ted Leggatt, anarchist and carman

Parker, William Brand, c.1855- 193?

A short biography of William Brand Parker (usually known as W.B. Parker), anarchist active in the Socialist League who later moved to the ILP and pro-war politics.

Liberty: A journal of anarchist communism

Liberty (front cover)

Founded in London in 1894 by James Tochatti and Louisa Sarah Bevington, Liberty (subtitled A Journal of Anarchist Communism) was a short-lived but influential anarchist publication. Contributors included William Morris, Sam Mainwaring, Errico Malatesta, Peter Kropotkin, Louise Michel, F. D. Nieuwenhuis and others.

Barclay, Tom, 1852-1933

Tom Barclay

A short biography of Tom Barclay, a founder of the Socialist League in Leicester.