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Anarchism and psychology - Dennis Fox

Article by Dennis Fox on anarchism and psychology. Originally from

Sacked Remploy workers occupy the company head office

Earlier today a group of sacked Remploy workers occupied the companies head offices in Leicester

Alternative Futures Group pay cuts - AFG and TUPE'd staff need to stand together

Text from Carers Talk arguing for unity between workers on different terms and conditions at a social care firm facing pay cuts.

Alternative Futures Group pay cuts - Don't Sign, Don't panic

Originally posted on Carers Talk. Since this leaflet was originally written, new information has come to light regarding the extent of the pay cuts facing some support workers out sourced from social services and the NHS.

The rise of the British culture warriors

This post was prompted by Joseph Kay's "bodies as a site of class struggle." As well as raising some interesting questions regarding the right to choose and class struggle - which I'll offer my own thoughts on here - it also prompted me to look more closely at the re-ignited abortion debate. I've been aware of it only peripherally due to my focus being elsewhere, but certainly what's happening there is very scary indeed.

Alternative Futures Group support workers begin the fightback

Support workers begin their fightback against the Alternative Futures Group and their attempts to slash wages.

Alternative Futures Group pay cuts – Don’t sign, don’t panic

Further information regarding attempts by the Alternative Futures Group to slash the pay of its care workers.