Silvia Federici

Red and Black Revolution 11 - October 2006

Issue 11 of Red and Black Revolution magazine, from October 2006.


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The Activist vol.15 #1-2 1975 - Wages for Housework issue

The Activist - A Student Journal Politics and Opinion, numbers 1 & 2, the Wages for Housework issue. Important collection of articles on Wages for Housework and the social factory.

Midnight Notes #13 (2001) – Auroras of the Zapatistas

Midnight Notes book published by Autonomedia in 2001.

The social factory / falling wall review #5 - Cleveland Modern Times Group

Falling Wall Review #5, UK, 1976. Rare pamphlet from Falling Wall Press, publisher of Marxist feminists such as Selma James and Silvia Federici. Issue includes The Social Factory statement from Cleveland Modern Times Group and writing from Silvia Federici among others.

Book Review | Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

Aragorn Eloff reviews Silvia Federici's new book, Beyond the Periphery of the Skin which shows how capitalism has captured our bodies and proposes possibilities for reclaiming and recreating them to resist the present and prefigure the future.

The Commoner #1

Banner for The Commoner #1

Issue 1 of The Commoner magazine

The Commoner #3: Reclaiming the Body

Banner for The Commoner #3

Issue 3 of The Commoner magazine