Occupied with conspiracies? The occupy movement, populist anti-elitism, and the conspiracy theorists

Spencer Sunshine discusses the infiltration of the Occupy movement by conspiracy theorists.

An interview with John Holloway

Shift magazine interview John Holloway, author of Crack Capitalism and Change the World Without Taking Power on the UK riots, anti-austerity stuggles, the Arab spring and more. Originally published in September 2011.

“Unite march to parliament whereas the rank and file plan to meet up with the education march” - Interview with a spark

An interview with an electrician on the ongoing dispute over pay cuts and attacks on conditions in the sector.

Blue Labour – “faith, family and dog-whistle politics.” An interview with political theorist Ed Rooksby

Shift interview Ed Rooksby on the ascendent "blue labour" faction which currently has the ear of Ed Milliband and the Labour leadership.

Remember, remember: Climate Camp

In this article published in Shift magazine, the authors take a critical look back at the climate camp movement and their involvement in it. Originally published in May 2011.

An interview with Alberto Toscano

Alberto Toscano is a sociologist from Goldsmiths College, London, and author of Fanaticism: On the uses of an idea. In this email interview, SHIFT asks him why understanding the history of the term fanaticism is important for those engaged in emancipatory struggles today…Originally published in January 2011.

To ‘the movement’: on work and unions in an age of austerity - Tom Denning

In an age of austerity, at a time in which industrial struggle seems to be on the agenda in a way in which it hasn’t been for years, activists are asking questions about unions. What can we expect from them? How should we relate to them? Why are they as they are? Originally published in May 2011.

March 26th – The emergence of a new radical subjectivity?

Alessio Lunghi and Seth Wheeler analyse the events of the 26th of March and the aftermath. Originally published in May 2011.

A day in three parts - Nic Beuret

Nic Beuret's account and analysis of the TUC-organised March for the Alternative on the 26th of March - in his own words, "What happened on the 26th and why did it leave so many with such an empty feeling?" Originally published in May 2011.

Fascism, fundamentalism, and the left

Looking at the relationship between fascism, islamism and class, and the response of the left. Originally published in January 2011.