A 5-year plan for Sheffield IWW

Working in the tradition of Weakening the Dam (see Goals, Then Strategy, Then Tactics) and shamelessly copying Lifelong Wobbly’s article, What’s Your Five Year Plan?, here’s an article that sets out a possible set of objectives for Sheffield IWW to hit by 1st January 2020.

Sheffield strikes back, occupy tallest university building in the UK

Sheffield Strikes Back, a newly formed broad left group of Sheffield students, have occupied the Arts Tower – the tallest university building in the United Kingdom.

Taking creative action

An account by a Pizza Hut worker in the UK about remembering to be creative in workplace organizing.

Crisis in care: Interview with an anarchist support worker

An interview with a support worker in Sheffield about the problems in social care as a result of the recession and the proposed austerity measures.

Fargate Calling

Plaque commemorating Samuel Holberry

The first in a series of articles exploring Sheffield's radical history. From the Fargate Speaker, the paper of Sheffield Anarchist Federation.

You fire the worker, we fire the boss – organising at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

A participant's account and critical reflections on an Industrial Workers of the World organising attempt at an independent cinema in 2008.