Fast food workers strike: what is and what isn’t the Fight for Fifteen campaign

A short article by Adam Weaver about the Fight for Fifteen fast-food 'strikes' in the United States.

Venture syndicalism: fanning and dousing the flames of discontent

99% needs a raise

Article from the Industrial Worker newspaper on fast food strikes in the U.S.

The Demise of Andy Stern and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism - Loren Goldner

Andy Stern at an SEIU rally

The rise and recent fall of Andy Stern illustrates, as if through a glass darkly, that in this epoch there is nothing positive for the class as a whole to be achieved through the unions. With the resignation of SEIU leader Andy Stern, Loren Goldner looks at his legacy and analyses the development and function of trade unions over his career.

Kaiser don't care! SEIU neither! The Kaiser hospitals strike, 1986

Kaiser strikers demonstrate, 1986

An account of the strike against the introduction of a two tier pay system at Kaiser hospitals in California in 1986, including interviews and a discussion with two participants.

Stanford Office Workers Reject Union

Article by Processed World analysing the vote of Stanford University office workers against joining the SEIU union.