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Gurgaon: Whose security is it anyway?

Reports from Security Guards in Gurgaon, one of them employed by G4S, formerly known as Group4. The worker reports about the massive and open money swindle the company undertakes. Another guard reports why he had to work 48 hours without a break.

France: Security staff wildcat strike at Bordeaux airport

Bordeaux Airport departures board

Security workers at Bordeaux airport launched a wildcat strike yesterday morning.

Belgium: Flights grounded by wildcat strike


Thousands were affected when security guards at Charleroi airport walked out in a row over privatisation

Guernsey: Airport staff win union recognition with wildcat strike

Grounded: Flybe aircraft at Guernsey airport

Over 30 security workers with Group 4 Securicor stopped work on Tuesday and blocked Guernsey airport's departure lounge until bosses signed a recognition agreement with the T&G.

Ireland: Hospital security workers wildcat against job losses

One of the main hospitals in the south of the country was disrupted yesterday as security workers went on strike in protest at being replaced by lower-paid staff.

Possible strikes at Luton, Birmingham and Heathrow

Fire and security staff at Birmingham airport have voted for 2-1 in favour of strike action in December over the sacking of two union organisers.

Secure in the knowledge...

If you go down to the festival today... In a special report, Matt D enters the murky world of security.