Caliphate and barbarism: the final struggle?

As we do regularly with texts which we do not necessarily claim neither the totality of contents, nor the militant dynamics or the programmatic body of their authors (whether they are collectives or individuals), we reproduce (for the moment only in French) on our blog the new article of Tristan Leoni on the Islamic State and the Syrian-Iraqi conflict, originally published on the blog DDT21 Douter de tout… | Douter de tout… pour tenir l’essentiel [DDT21 Doubting about everything… | Doubting about everything… to hold the essentials].

Tom Maguire: “An Under-Paid Agitator”

Tom Maguire: “An Under-Paid Agitator”
in the Late-Victorian Socialist Press
Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

The Historical Place of the SPGB

SPGB rally Trafalagar Square 1967

Transcript of the opening remarks of a talk by Steve Coleman (for the Socialist Party of Great Britain) taking place on 1 June 1980 in London. Full audio recording also available online.

Back to Bax - Radical Chains

Belfort Bax belonged to the first generation of British Marxists. He was the philosopher who introduced William Morris to dialectics. From Radical Chains no.1

Hall, W.K (1855- no later than 1912)- first names William Knight

W K Hall

A very short biography of WK Hall who moved from parliamentary socialism to an anarchist position