Scott Nappalos

Emergence and Anarchism: A Philosophy of Power, Action, and Liberation

Included is the complete ebook of S Nicholas Nappalos' Emergence and Anarchism.

Anarchist social organization

A piece discussing debates over the role of political ideas within social movements, and the debate within anarchism over political organization applied to the current context of North American anarchism.

Draft thoughts on strategy for American anarchists

A sketch written and distributed amongst some anarchists from April of 2016 prior to Trump's electoral victory.

What's at stake in the health care debate?

The debate in the United States over how to provide health care to a nation increasingly burdened by the costs and dissatisfied with the status quo has returned with a vengeance. S Nicholas Nappalos comes at these issues as a nurse and organizer, and tries to unpack the implications of the growing health crisis, what alternatives we really have, and what health for-and-by workers and the community could look like.

Labor’s death under trump? The potential for a renewed workers movement in an era of dangers

Following the Trump victory speculation has been rampant and has led to various proclamations yet again of the death of labor. Our third piece exploring the potentials for labor under Trump comes from one of our editors S Nicholas Nappalos. He argues that while these dangers are real, they also come with new possibilities for a militant participatory workers movement. Moreover it is not apolitical unions that can address the weaknesses of the labor movement heading into a collision with this government, but an active politicized union movement marking its opposition to both capital and the state.

Collapsing the levels, Consolidating Our efforts

A piece by Scott Nappalos about consolidating the efforts of political and mass organizing.

What is the AIT-SP (Portuguese section of the International Workers Association)?

A translation of the Portuguese section of the IWA's declaration of principles.

Agreements of the 2nd national convention of the Chilean IWW 1921

Resolutions passed by the 2nd national convention of the Chilean IWW in 1921 which includes discussion of housing, gender, and prisoner struggles along with calls to propagate libertarian communism and factory councils. Translation by S Nicholas Nappalos.

Dismantling our divisions: craft, industry, and a new society

A discussion of craft and industrial divisions in health care that leads to the debate between the IWW, FORA, and other revolutionary unions over the relationship between unions in capitalist and post-revolutionary society.

Moving the shadow of eternity: time, change, agency, and emergence in pursuit of liberation

A piece exploring time and change within capitalism, and pointing to their relevance for revolutionaries.