Letters - Tommy Sheridan

Responses to an article in Scottish Anarchist defending Tommy Sheridan, including Tyneside Anarchist Group and the author of the original piece.

Tommy Sheridan: Have we the right to condemn? - Black Sheep

Controversial article from Scottish Anarchist issue 2 in defence of Tommy Sheridan which includes some useful insights into the differences between Scottish Militant Labour and its counterpart in England. Several letters criticising this article appeared in issue 3.

Edinburgh's Other Tattoo - Ellis D. Hayes

A forensic representation of Bowed Joseph Smith

The story of Bowed Joseph Smith, notorious cobbler and rabble rouser in Edinburgh in the 1780s.

Bowed Joseph is said to have returned to support people resisting the eviction of Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre in 1994...

Scottish Anarchist #3 1995

Third and probably final issue of Scottish Anarchist circa 1995.

PDF courtesy of the comrades at Sparrows Nest archive, Nottingham.

Scottish Anarchist #2 1995

Second issue of Scottish Anarchist, the magazine of the Scottish Anarchist Federation.

From 1995?

PDF courtesy of the comrades at Sparrows Nest archive, Nottingham.

Scottish Anarchist magazine

Online archive of Scottish Anarchist, the magazine of the Scottish Federation of Anarchists.

At least three issues were published in the 1990s.

Three strikes and you're out - building claimants' counter power

News and analysis from comrades in Edinburgh, detailing the 3 Strikes and You're Out policy, since adopted by many Anti-JSA Groups.

(Subversion article from 1996 on resistance to bullying benefit office officials.)

G8 Gleneagles: 7 Days At The World’s Most Secure Golf Course

A helicopter monitoring protesters as they approach the security perimeter.

Black Flag article on protests against the G8 summit at Gleneagles in Scotland in 2005.

Communities of resistance unite! The Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre (1980-1994)

This paper looks into the history of the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre (EUWC) and the struggles of anti-authoritarian revolutionary groups in Edinburgh during the 1980s and early 1990s. Grassroots and direct action oriented groups started to organise together in the early 1980s against the various attacks on the working class. They were often based in the EUWC and developed highly sophisticated forms of community resistance which culminated in their crucial role in the Poll Tax rebellion.