The untold history of armistice and the end of World War I

‘The best antidote to ideology is detail,’ writes Paul Mason. And the detail that’s missing this Armistice Day is that working people, when they take power into their own hands, can end whatever catastrophe is imposed on them.

Sobre el ataque contra la FSB en Rusia

Hoy (31-10-2018) un joven anarquista ruso, murió en un ataque a los cuarteles generales del FSB en Arkhangelsk. El FSB ha conseguido su objetivo, forzando a los jóvenes rusos a ataques con bombas en lugar de participar en la organización pública.

Russia: Free the “Network” Prisoners

Note from the Russian Reader:

Once upon a time in another fairy tale kingdom, I made a silly
resolution that I would grow a beard and keep it until my sisters and
brothers in HERE Locals 34 and 35 won their strike against Yale
University and got a new contract.

The strike ended ages ago, and the unions won their contract, but I
still have the beard.

No Justice, No Peace: Petersburg’s Kangaroo Courts Revisited

 Photo by David Frenkel.

Russian political prisoner Yuli Boyarshinov, a “suspect” in the FSB
frame-up known as the Network case aka the Penza-Petersburg “terrorism”
case, lookng like a human being amidst the combined armed guard of
regular police and riot police at Petersburg’s Dzerzhinsky District
Court this past Friday. campaign statement about the accused

In February 2018, a campaign was launched in Russia to support those
accused in the Network case. Among the main goals of the campaign were
fundraising for legal costs, organizing humanitarian support for the
arrested and offering support to their relatives.

Arman Sagynbayev: I Was Tortured by the FSB

“Two Wires Came Out of the Box”: Penza-Petersburg “Terrorism” Case Suspect Arman Sagybayev Says FSB Tortured Him with Electrical Shocks in Minivan.

Marx on the Russian Mir, and misconceptions by Marxists

Marx's 1877 letter to the editor of Otecestvenniye Zapisky refuting the idea that all societies would transition from feudalism to capitalism before communism.

Review – Anarchist Encounters: Russia In Revolution

A must read for anyone who really wants to understand the Russian Revolution, and whose enquiring minds are not deterred by Leninist orthodoxy.

How the NKVD framed the POUM

POUM headquarters

An extract of the memoirs of Jesús Hernández, a leading member of the Spanish Communist Party and minister in the republican government during the Spanish civil war, explaining how Soviet secret police framed and persecuted the anti-Stalinist communist group the POUM during the conflict.