Asylum Seekers in Dover: Part One

An article from Black Flag in 1998 about Roma asylum seekers from Czech Republic.

Slovakia's unemployed riots of 2004

In February and March 2004, the Roma unemployed in Slovakia responded to cuts in welfare provisions with demonstrations and looting. The state's response involved the greatest mobilization of police forces since the fall of Stalinism. Although the unrest was crushed, it managed to secure better conditions for all unemployed in Slovakia.

Media, Roma, and capitalism

Recently, one morning a national television station invited a “model Roma” to repeat the cliché excuses that are given as liberal propaganda... The “educated Roma” however, although not involved with radical thought, often puts his finger in the wound and looks to official state statistics which he deviates from and engages the host and other guests in debate. He will probably not be invited again.

Cops raid home of leading Roma/Traveller activist

Police have raided the Essex home of traveller activist Grattan Puxon.

French government targeting travellers

It would appear that the faux Socialist government in France are continuing with the forced eviction policy that the previous right-wing Sarkozy regime initiated.

In the region of Šluknov, Czech Republic, 2011: analysis of protests “against the socially excluded” from a class perspective

KPK argue that protests against the "socially excluded" Roma which took place in North Bohemia in 2011 were an expression of the weakness of the working class and stood in the way of the defense of its living needs.

Proposed Glastonbury Tesco site is occupied

After years of bullying locals, Tesco have finally been given permission by bureaucrats to build a new Tesco in Glastonbury on the site of a formers plastics factory. Unfortunately for Tesco, travellers have now occupied the site, and are trying to rally local support against them.

Traveller's tale: Dale Farm

Dale Farm protest in Basildon, 2004

The most depressing thing this week has been the level of bile spewed about people at Dale Farm, now set for an eviction on September 10th. Unlike most, I've actually been there.

Dale Farm eviction funding confirmed

Basildon MP John Baron has announced that eviction of part of Britain's biggest traveller site will go ahead after "worst case" funding of £9.5 million was found to evict around 500 people, including around 100 children, from their homes.