Roland Simon

‘To be or not to be’ isn’t the question - Roland Simon

January 2015 article by Roland Simon, of Théorie Communiste, on the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The restructuring, as it is in itself - Roland Simon

Roland Simon on the transformations of the capital-labour relation which demarcate the present cycle of struggles.

A critique of Anselm Jappe's essay, "Who Is To Blame?" - Roland Simon (Excerpt)

In this 2009 article, Roland Simon of Théorie Communiste subjects Anselm Jappe and, more generally, the current known as “Value Critique”, to severe criticism, claiming that their emphasis on the “commodity” and “value” causes them to misunderstand the Marxist critique of capitalism and to harbor erroneous views about “a kind of value that is no longer value” because of an alleged decline of the proportion of labor in each commodity caused by increasing productivity, and that their “‘focus’ on value and the commodity causes us to ‘forget’ that value is capital” and that the goal of capitalism is not even just surplus-value but rather the reproduction of capitalist class relations.

The conjuncture: a concept necessary to the theory of communisation

Article by RS in Sic on the importance of the concept of "the conjuncture" in communisation.

Interview with Roland Simon

An interview with Roland Simon of Théorie communiste. Appeared in riff-raff no. 8.

Crisis theory/theories - Roland Simon

Roland Simon of TC attempts to reconcile the underconsumptionist crisis theories of orthodox Marxism with those theories based on the tendency of the rate of profit to fall.

Gender distinction, programmatism and communisation - Roland Simon

A discussion of gender distinction within capitalism by Roland Simon of Theorie Communiste.

The concept of the cycle of struggles - Roland Simon

Roland Simon of Theorie Communiste elaborates TC's concept of 'cycle of struggles' in their periodisation of the possibility of revolution.