The Road to Freedom

Anarchist Conference Reports, 1929,1930,1931 (The Road to Freedom)

Anarchist Conference Reports, 1929,1930,1931

The Anarchist Conference (Road to Freedom, Oct. 1926)

The Road to Freedom, Oct. 1926

"The Second Anarchist Conference was held September 11th & 12th, at Croton-on-the-Hudson, NY"

From the archives of New York Workers Solidarity Alliance

"The IWW and Anarcho-Syndicalism" (Freedom, NYC, Jan. 16, 1933)

"Freedom" superceded "The Road to Freedom".

End note reads in part: "The purpose of this article is to try and have an intelligent dispassionate discussion on the question of anarcho-syndicalism and Industrial Unionism..."

May Day in San Francisco, LA, Detroit, NYC News (Road to Freedom, June 1926)

The Road to Freedom, June 1926

International Notes: February, May, June 1926

The Road to Freedom, February, May, June 1926
Much coverage on global anarcho-syndicalist activities in Germany, Portugal, USI in exile and IWMA notes

International Notes, Spain, Congress of Anarchist Youth (Road to Freedom, Aug. 1928)

The Road to Freedom, August 1928

Very informative information on anarchy-syndicalist activities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany and Russian situation and commentary from Spain.

Report-back on May 1928 "First Congress of the Anarchist Youth International" in Holland

I.W.M.A.: May 1928 Congress Agenda

Apparently 1928 the IWA had difficultly finding a European country to host the 3rd Congress. The Congress was held in Liege, Belgium, May 28-29, 1928

I.W.M.A. : The Internationales and Fascism

"The International Workingmen's Association (Berlin), addressed to the Amsterdam International as well as to the Red Labor Union International (Moscow) a proposition of common action action in all countries against fascism."

IWMA: The Road to Syndicalism (Road to Freedom, Feb. 1926)

1926 IWA appeal to workers of the word to join the in their efforts