Ret Marut

Der Ziegelbrenner

Der Ziegelbrenner, November 1918

Online-Archiv der Ziegelbrenner-Zeitschrift von Ret Marut, veröffentlicht in Deutschland 1917-1921.

La Aktoro kaj la Reĝo

Mallonga rakonto pri du amikoj kaj la stranga rialto inter ilin.

The death ship - B. Traven

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One of B. Traven's best known and earliest novels (first written in 1923 or '24). It's the story of a sailor who loses his papers and, unable to prove his very existence, ends up working on a "death ship" which is destined to be sunk for the insurance money. A cry from the heart against capitalist exploitation and all the bureaucratic paraphernalia of border control that goes with it. Working class grim humour at its finest!

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Art as a weapon: Franz Seiwert and the Cologne progressives - Martyn Everett

Fig 1.  Hans Schmitz  -  Mass

An account of Franz Seiwert and the 'Cologne Progressives', a group or circle of artists who followed and participated in the radical currents around the German council communist organisations AAU and especially the AAU-E. The 'Cologne Progressives' may be the most radical group of artists ever.

Marut, Ret: The Early B. Traven - James Goldwasser

A 1990s article surveying the then recently-acquired Ret Marut archive, now residing with the University of California. The documents confirm certain known facts of Marut's life and times, prior to his (now generally accepted) transformation into the reclusive anarchist novelist B. Traven. The collection also provides some further fuel for speculation on the life and identity of the enigma that remains B. Traven.

Review of B. Traven's The Death Ship

The Death Ship - book cover

A communist in Australia reviews B. Traven's The Death Ship, and relates it to the 2002 attacks on the working conditions of maritime workers in Australian waters.

Traven, B. – An Anti-Biography

The faces of Traven(?); Feige, Marut, Torsvan, Croves/Traven...

A short biography of the writer and anarchist, B Traven, also known as Feige, Ret Marut, Torsvan, Croves...

The Actor and the King - Ret Marut/B. Traven

A short story by the anarchist Ret Marut, who in later years became the well-known radical novelist B. Traven.

In the Freest State in the World - Ret Marut (B. Traven)

Photos of Ret Marut from London police files - 1923

A satirical text about German democracy and the Munich Soviet Republic of 1919, in which Ret Marut (who later became B. Traven) participated.