SPGB Conference and delegate meeting reports

SPGB 1949 delegate meeting cover

The Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB) conference and Autumn delegate meeting (ADM) reports archive.

Fight for 15 reportback - Shallah Baso

A reportback from Shallah Baso of the Communist League of Tampa on a 'Fight for $15' rally in Florida.

Resistance Between Neighbors: Reflections and Ideas from the 2014 Howard Zinn Bookfair

Report back from the 2014 Howard Zinn Bookfair, with a special look at the housing movements present and release of Housing Not Handcuffs.

IWW report from the 30th SAC Congress

A reportback of the 30th Congress of the Swedish syndicalist union, SAC.

Reports, discussion abound at the 2013 IWW General Convention

An account by Mathieu Dube of the IWW's 2013 General Convention in Edmonton.

Mythbuster: "strivers v skivers"

Breakdown of welfare spending in the UK

Excellent document from the New Economics Foundation debunking government and media rhetoric about benefit "skivers" and showing that only 2.6% of welfare spending is on the unemployed.

Over 2 million killed every year by work, says ILO

A report produced by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2005 shows that some 2.2 million people die of work-related accidents and diseases each year. Adding that this number may be fastly underestimated due to poor reporting in many countries.

2012 Work People's College report back

The following is a report back from the 2012 Work People's College by two Wobblies from Vancouver.

Study on temp-work in German car industry, 2006

A recent study on temp work in the German automobile industry reveals that the companies in this sector try to hide the fact that they employ temp-workers.

Bosses' pensions boom

Company executives are receiving huge pension payouts while schemes for workers continue to be cut, states a report published today.