More spontaneous blockades

A round-up of some of yesterday's (31 March) school and office occupations and blockades of roads and railways against the CPE.

CPE protests: Blockades across France

Charlemagne High School, Paris, occupied 28 March

Brief reports of the road and rail blockades across the country last Thursday 28 March, and updates on the mushrooming high school occupations as 62% declare solidarity with the anti-CPE movement.

CPE struggle: Roads blocked in Brittany

Road stoppings by students opposed to the CPE today strongly disrupted access to Rennes, Nantes, Brest and Lannion today.

France in the streets: Largest demonstrations yet

Demonstration size map

Full coverage of today's demonstrations, strikes and riots as public transport and services crippled and nearly 3 million take to the streets in protest against the CPE.

In tiny Hennebont, 300 high school students block bridge

Breton regional paper Ouest France is reporting the blocking of a bridge in the Morbihan departement by protesting high school students in Brittany.

Anger boils over: Rioting in Lille, Tours, Paris and Rennes

Further disturbances have been reported in many towns and cities as mass anti-CPE demonstrations ended across France this evening.

Lyon, Rennes and Toulouse protest against casualisation

First reports from Liberation on this mornings demonstrations.

Protesters invade Rennes train station

Le Figaro is reporting that between 200-300 protestors have made entry to Rennes train station, as up to 35,000 marched in the Breton capital.

Half a million youths say no to the CPE

On Thursday, two days before the latest national mobilisation, hundreds of thousands of students and secondary-school pupils - the latter very numerous - demonstrated across France against the CPE.

100,000 on the streets in Brittany

Nearly 100,000 demonstrate in Brittany against the CPE.